[23/06] Young Saeng at TOK TOK - Chat Transcription

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Seriously, I love how Young Saeng replied to fans. He's giggling and funny. Can't wait for him to finally dip into the Twitter party. =^.^=

Credits to DSP TokTok Site + (Translation) HYS + liezle.blogspot.com

Young-saeng: We have advanced to the 16th round!!!!!!!! Fighting~~~~~~
Fan: That’s a smash...
Young-saeng: Yes, that’s a smash… [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, do you still like seasoned spicy chicken?
Young-ssaeng: I don’t like it!!!!!!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng…….I missed you so much…….boo-hoo~~~~
Young-saeng: Don’t say that…..ha-ha….we will see each other later again [Young-saeng]

Fan: Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Huh, Young-saeng rocked in “Inki gayo”. Did you get to see the flank card??
Young-saeng: Yes, I saw the flank card!!! I think….Did I? Ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: I think I have not chatted with you in two years, isn’t it???
Young-saeng: I have not logged in for couple months. Ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Why do you rarely come and go~~~!!!
Young-saeng: I know I have been seldom logging in here. [Young-saeng]

Fan: ?? hello?
Young-saeng: Hi~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: So…you should log in often…you want to be friends, don’t you??
Young-saeng: Who wants to be friends? [Young-saeng]

Fan: You said you want everyone to be friends…
Young-saeng: Ah~~~yes, we are all friends!!!
Young-saeng: Bad boy…ha-ha [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I was about to write profound things in here but I decided not to!!

Fan: Oops!!!! Typos!!!!!
Young-saeng: Ty~~pos~~~~

Fan: Profound writing???
Young-saeng: Profound…isn’t it? [Young-saeng]

Fan: hi
Young-saeng: Nice to meet you~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Tell them that I wish you all to win the first place!
Young-saeng: Yes, everyone shall win the first place!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Because the world only remembers those that who win…So everyone shall be the winner!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I’m assuming that there must be people who are capturing this as we write…ha-ha [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I’m being careful with my words for that reason~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng!!! Did you do well at school??? Tell us~~~
Young-saeng: No, I sucked at studying~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: By the way, you don’t need to be careful with your words here… Hyun-joong doesn’t care about what he says here…ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha

Fan: Nah~~~ You probably were a smart student, weren’t you???
Young-saeng: No, I’m not being careful with my words! Also, I really sucked at studying~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: I’m studying music and it’s really hard…
Young-saeng: Music? You should try harder and it won’t be as hard as it is~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Was Music the easiest subject for you???
Young-saeng: Well, I’m not a musician…so… [Young-saeng]

Fan: Kyu-jong said last time that he also was not a smart student…ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: But he was better than me~ ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Ha!!!!! If you are not a musician, then who is!!!
Young-saeng: I’m an idol…..ha! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Did you gain weight???
Young-saeng: I’m trying to~!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: My mom said you’re sturdy!!!
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: I have not seen anyone who sings better than you. Ha-ha
Young-saeng: Nah~~ there are so many people do better than me~ ha-ha. Shin, Yong-jae looks like he sings very well~ ha-ha

Fan: No, why are you being so giggly today~ ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I’m laughing because it’s funny. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng…. You laughed at what I said!! Wow!!!
Young-saeng: Yes, I laughed at your words!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Who’s Shin, Yong-jae?
Young-saeng: Oh, he’s just a guy that I know~ ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Have a great time here~~~!!!!!
Young-saeng: Yes, thank you~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng! I’ve written a fan fiction about you and Hyun-joong!
Young-saeng: You don’t need to~~ It’s bit odd~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Please say something to your fans overseas~!!!!
Young-saeng: Fighting!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, what do you think about a girl 8 years younger than you!!! Ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: 8 years younger? [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: That’s a thank you! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: What’s being kept disconnecting? [Young-saeng]

Fan: I’m 12 years younger than you~ ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: 12 years younger? [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng!!! Aren’t you going to advance to America ???
Young-saeng: Yes, I will advance to America !! Ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Really!! When??? You should hurry because we miss you!!!
Young-saeng: What if I get humiliated in America ? Ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: I’m same years of age as Young-saeng~ Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: You’re old as I am….. [Young-saeng]

Fan: We are not old!!!!!!!!!
Young-saeng: Well, we’re getting old~~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: You’re a bad boy~~~ you have not been responding~~
Young-saeng: I respond!!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, you looked really handsome on that signing event. ^^
Young-saeng: Everybody says that I look better in real than in TV. I’m sorry I said that….[Young-saeng]

Fan: Not that!!!! I’m asking what time you came here….
Young-saeng: Ah~~I don’t know~~~ I get confused when I come here~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, you should watch your back when you go home at night!!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: And you should watch your front~ Ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Say my name just for once~~~~Please~~~
Young-saeng: Your name~~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, you said you don’t like seasoned spicy chicken and why is that?
Young-saeng: Because I have been eating that too much…. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Please say my name, Jung-jin just for once~
Young-saeng: Jung-jin just for once~~~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Are you fed up with chicken now? Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Yes, I have been eating too much chicken…… [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, why are you in a talk room and not writing? Ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I will write later~ I think our soccer team advancing to the 16th round is a big enough thing for now~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Ha-ha-ha-ha, did you watch the soccer game last night?
Young-saeng: Yes, I saw it at break of day~~ with a beer~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Who did you watch the game with!!??
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, With Chun, Hyung-jin… a guy that you know well~ ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng…… ha-ha…we should make bed for the boy…
Young-saeng: Me? Go to sleep? [Young-saeng]

Fan: No, no, no, don’t go to sleep… ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I won’t~ I’m a night person~ ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng probably watched the game while drinking a beer and Kyu-jong eating a vegetable pancake~ ha-ha-ha
Young-saseng: Yes, Kyu-jong probably ate that vegetable pancake with soju!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Is soju (Korean spirits) good?????
Young-saeng: I not hard drinker~ I get drunk after three shots~

Fan: I heard that Kyu-jong is hard drinker.
Young-saeng: Kyu-jong….drink….yes……. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Why, why, why? What did Kyu-jong do????
Young-saeng: Kyu-jong doesn’t have drinking habits~ maybe becoming more caring to people around him? [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng!!!! What is your drinking habit???? Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I go home when I get drunk~ ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: I remember you once said that you keep smiling when you get drunk. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: It was when I was younger~~ But I cry now…. [Young-saeng]

Fan: I’m a one hard drinker!!!!!
Young-saeng: Then, I’m a three hard drinker!!!! Ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: I’m a minor….I can’t drink!!!!!
Young-saeng: Minor should study!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, catch an insect for me.
Young-saeng: Cats are good at catching insects~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: There are a lot of minors in here~ ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I know there is~ ha-ha [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I guess it’s a summer vacation!! Here we go~ Ha-ha

Fan: I’m getting ready to get a job. Please wish me luck~~~
Young-saeng: I wish you the very best~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Do you play Starcraft? Ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Yes, I play it very well~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Taiwan fan miss u young saeng
Young-saeng: Hyung jun [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: How come English keyboard doesn’t work!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: What’s your tribe in Starcraft? I’m a Jug~ ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I’m a Terran~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Your English keyboard doesn’t work Young-saeng?
Young-saeng: No it does not!!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: No English!!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Maybe, I have to write English with Korean words. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Should I get a contact with a home page administrator??
Young-saeng: Who’s an administrator? [Young-saeng]

Fan: Jung-min does not log in here. Tell him to come in here.
Young-saeng: You should tell him yourself~~ ^^

Fan: What did you have for dinner Young-saeng?
Young-saeng: I had a chilled buckwheat noodle soup for dinner~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: I had a chicken with beer~ ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Chicken with beer…..a pig! Ha~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I want to change my chat window~ this is bit weird~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: You can change it by pressing tab on the left and then enter.
Young-saeng: Ah~~ Why have I only used mouse~~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: When there is much easier way…. You are smart~~ ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: You’re home town is where my mom’s side of family lives… ha-ha
Young-saeng: You know where my home town is?? [Young-saeng]

Fan: Go…Chang…. Ha-ha
Young-saeng: Gochang is where my mother’s side lives~ ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng, I just found out that the administrator purposely set that setting like that!
Young-saeng: It’s much easier now that I have pressed tab and enter~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: What are you doing these days Young-saeng?
Young-saeng: I don’t do much these days~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: You’re doing good, right?
Young-saeng: Yes, I’m doing good~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: I envy you that you don’t have many things to do~~~
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: You should visit Taiwan !
Young-saeng: I can’t go to Taiwan .. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Do u miss Taiwan fans?
Young-saeng: Taiwan ~!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Why can’t you go????
Young-saeng: How do I say in English, “I want to go”?

Fan: I wanna go.
Young-saeng: I wanna go. [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha, I should study English~ Damn…[Young-saeng]

Fan: You should go to Canada too… Let’s go to the World Tour!
Young-saeng: Yes, I really want to go to Cananda~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: What are you doing now Young-saeng? Ha-ha
Young-saeng: I’m in a midst of chatting… [Young-saeng]

Fan: I don’t know but this might get captured~~ Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: Let’s get a little cool down with the capturing~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: How can you say damn with your pretty mouth? Ha-ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: I have a chic image.
Young-saeng: I wanna go… Taiwan .. [Young-saeng]

Fan: I think you got into speaking English. Ha-ha-ha
Young-saeng: But I can’t view the chat box when typing English. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Why can’t you go to Taiwan ??
Young-saeng: Why am I not going to Taiwan ? [Young-saeng]

Fan: yes!!
Young-saeng: Because I can’t.. ha-ha

Fan: So I meant, why can’t you go??
Young-saeng: Young people like yourself don’t need to know. [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: It’s a grown up thing.

Fan: If you can’t go to Taiwan , then when can I see you?
Young-saeng: I’ll be there next year. [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Just joking. I’m not sure~~

Fan: Uto. Promise?
Young-saeng: What is Uto? [Young-saeng] Uto is a nickname of the fan. Ha-ha. You fool, Young-saeng, ha-ha.

Fan: Next year is too long away~~~
Young-saeng: Everyone should watch out when I make a comeback!
Young-saeng: Because you all might have a heart attack~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Don’t tell me that you’re going to comeback with this muscular body, are you? Ha-ha
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha. [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I don’t like muscular body type. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Don’t, I like it the way it is. Ha-ha.
Young-saeng: Maybe I should get some fat on my stomach~~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Call Hyun-joong.
Young-saeng: Hyun-joong~~~~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Hey? ~~~~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Someone is looking for you~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Yes~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Did you talk to Hyun-joon? Young-saeng?
Young-saeng: No, I didn’t~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Hyun-joong’s husband!!!! Young-saeng is ignoring me!!!!
Young-saeng: I’m not ignoring you!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: The words are going too fast.. [Young-saeng]

Fan: WE MISS U..so quickly come TW
Young-saeng: By the way, do people who speak English understand what I am saying? [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: The words disappear as I read them. [Young-saeng]

Fan: Taiwans fans will prepare many food for u bad boy~~
Young-saeng: Thank you!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Focus on the talk, Young-saeng!!
Young-saeng: It’s hard to focus… [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I’m a liar!!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: My computer is a super computer!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Taiwan? SS501
Young-saeng: SS501 ♡ Taiwan [Young-saeng]

Fan: No virus for the computer, ha-ha-ha. But it’s a heck of a slow super computer~ ha-ha-ha.
Young-saeng: Something is weird here~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: It’s a super computer…but the owner is……
Young-saeng: The owner is a superman~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Taiwan fans love SS501
Young-saeng: Someday~ the moment you all will call for me!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: Where did you watch the soccer game yesterday??
Young-saeng: I watched the game in Korea ~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Young-saeng!!! What are you doing?? Ha-ha-ha, what are you doing now?
Young-saeng: I’m chatting right now~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: Huh, Young-saeng!! I’m calling you~~ Please get in here~ ha-ha-ha.
Young-saeng: No, I will wait for the moment where more people will call for my name!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: You never made it here while we waited and waited for you day and night…
Young-saeng: I am here now!!! [Young-saeng]

Fan: How are you Young-saeng?
Young-saeng: Not much things going on these days~ ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]

Fan: Everyone probably agree to that. Ha-ha-ha. —> You never making it here while we waited and waited for you day and night. ^^
Young-saeng: Agree to what? [Young-saeng]

Fan: Please respond if you’re there.
Young-saeng: I can see~ [Young-saeng]

Fan: My man! Huh, Young-saeng!!!
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: You, who I can’t complete with the word love, are a big part of my life… [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Thank you for your love. [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: It’s a song that I wrote~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I will show it to you later~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: So long…I must go now~ [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: I’m going to heck you if I see you in Starcraft!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Completely getting disconnected now… [Young-saeng]

Fan: Take care of yourself and please write.
Young-saeng: I will write when the Soccer is over~~ I promise!!! [Young-saeng]
Young-saeng: Bye bye~~ [Young-saeng]

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