[23/06] Kyu Jong at TOK TOK again

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English Translation:

Dae han min guk !!!! Jjak jjak jjak jjak jjak !!! @ 2010-06-23, 1:36:26

Let's give power to our taeguk warriers out there who are fighting hard, our green peas!!
@ 2010-06-23, 1:37:22 AM

Our homepage is weird ah .. Or is my computer the one that's weird .. I can only write TOK TOKs like this.. heumheum .. (better than nothing!~~~!)
@ 2010-06-23, 1:38:39 AM

It's the exam period now!! It should be interesting!! Fighting for your exams !!! hhh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:39:07 AM

Should go and watch soccer don't you think !!! @ 2010-06-23, 1:39:32 AM

Think it's my computer that's having problems nye.. eumeum hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:40:37 AM

wuhahaha, I'm a Kimchi Pancake hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:41:08 AM (... handsome pancake...)

wuhahaha it's delicious right, pancake~~ nice shot! hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:41:39 AM

Seems like my friend Kangmin has slept already hh.. He doesn't even awake to the fragrance of pancake hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:42:16 AM (of course la... he's so tired!)

Tried waking him up, or should I not wake him up hh, if not, he'd blame me right?!! hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:42:33 AM

Should eat pancake with dad, the two of us like that right, hahahaha
@ 2010-06-23, 1:42:49 AM

me too... @ 2010-06-23, 1:43:57 AM (you too what?)

There's a massive connectivity streaming through to my computer now ne.. heum heum !! hh
@ 2010-06-23, 1:45:04 AM

Everyone , cheer for the soccer team !! annyong annyong !! ppong ~ ^^ (bye), merong, missing you.. hee, byebye..!!!
@ 2010-06-23, 1:45:46 AM

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