Kim Hyun Joong's Samsung Why Not? CF Movie theater version

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I dunno why, for some reason You Tube's server was down when I got home. This is the video which I've been wanting to watch. Then it came back on but the sound in Safari is not working properly. Luckily I have Firefox and managed to watch this vid. It said it's a movie theater version and I can't find any difference. So I had to keep it on a loop. Suddenly it dawn on me that the last bit sounds different and his actions are different, too.

Great thing is that Ode translated it.

Credits to hjmasa + (English translation at the end bit)

Ending Translation for Ending part^-^
You're curious about this ending, right? Shall I tell you?
Don't~~~~want (inserts that tone with this expression :p)

Here's another translation...
Credits to
"Aren't you curious of the end of this movie?
Do you want me to tell about it? NOPE!"

Leader cut!

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