Hyung Joon participated in Japan NHK programme - KPOP N-Stadium

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Most have been curious why Maknae was seen flying off to Japan last Friday. Well, here's the information regarding the show he shot there. I didn't include Jung Min, though some have reported that he was there, too. CEO Park was so good in avoiding fans at the airport? 
See for yourself in this post.  

Credits to cynthia@japan blog + NHK web + 妃茵@TSTW + HJC + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com
Credits to elley@daum for the images

Broadcast dates (to broadcast in 2 parts, total of 2 hours)

1st Night
[BS2] 2010 April 16 (Friday) ; 10PM ~ 10.59PM
[BShi] 2010 April 15 (Thursday) ; 7PM ~ 7.59PM

[BS2] 2010 April 19 (Monday) ; 8PM ~ 8.59PM
[BShi] 2010 April 21 (Wednesday) ; 12AM ~ 12.59AM

2nd Night
[BS2] 2010 April 23 (Friday) ; 10PM ~ 10.59PM
[BShi] 2010 April 22 (Thursday) ; 7PM ~ 7.59PM

[BS2] 2010 April 26 (Monday) ; 8PM ~ 8.59PM
[BShi] 2010 April 28 (Wednesday) ; 12AM ~ 12:59AM

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