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I know there's no definite date for the boys' new album yet, but just in case that when you are in Korea when it is released, here's a plea from our fellow TripleS Lois. I don't want Lois to buy more copies just to help our boys' album go up in the K-charts. I know she is capable of doing so... bought 10 extra copies for Rebirth and 20 copies of High Cut for one page of Hyun Joong photos. 

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If you are planning to buy our boys' new album while your stay in Korea, I'd like to ask you to buy it at off line shops such as Hot Tracks or Shinnara Record shops in Korea.

The most important thing about buying album is to be applied for K-Chart. If you buy SS501's album at online site, it may not be counted. Many Korean TS had bought Rebirth album through online shops and found out it had not been counted for K-Chart.

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  1. then what online shops counts sales into K-Charts?