Park Jung Min's 1st Photobook + DVD "Present" Sales Confirmed

First Photobook (with DVD) sales has confirmed!

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First photobook (with DVD) [Present (temporary title)]
Will be selling in 2 edition - First Limited Edition/Normal Edition
Date for Presale: 18 December 2010

Collating cute, dashing, sexy all in one
Emitting different charisma, Park Jung Min's first photobook
Various ideas from fans were also included
This is a present that Jung Min is giving to everyone
[If Jung Min is not an idol, can never have such many expressions]
This is also the concept for this photobook.
DVD's content includes recording process and look during the recording of Japanese titles(songs)
Preliminary plan to release First Limited Edition and Normal Edition.

Credits to + (Chinese translation)楓落缥缈 @ + (English translation)

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First Photo Book (Include DVD) sales!

Park Jung Min (SS501)
First Photo Book (Include DVD) 'Present' (Tentative title)
Will be sold in the form of First Press Limited Edition/Normal Edition
Schedule sale date: 18 December 2010

Combining cute, charm, sexiness in one body
Park JungMin whom releasing different charm, 1st Photo Book
Many different opinion from fans are collected into it
Is a present from JungMin to everybody
'If JungMin is not an idol, then he is impossible to have so many expression'
This is also the design concept of this photo book.
DVD content include the behind the scene and recording scene of the Japanese album.
Will be releasing 2 types: First Press Limited Edition and normal edition.

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