[01/11] Park JungMin, Indeed a 'Hallyu Star'...Fans at Autumn Mountain Climbing

Credits to cassel@sportsworldi.com + SS601.com + (English translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Singer Park JungMin (right) greeting his fans at Mountain Climbing Event '2010 Beautiful Company – Green Hands' held at CheongGye Mountain in GwaCheon city on 30-Oct./Photo by KCK1000@sportsworldi.com

Hallyu star Park JungMin’s popularity is indeed overwhelming.

Autumn Mountain Climbing Event with stars '2010 Beautiful Company – Green Hands' was arranged for the commemoration of 5 years establishment of Sports World, it was held on 30-Sep at SeongHwangRi, CheongGye mountain area, outskirts of Seoul.
About 700 mountain climbers attended and enjoyed the autumn mountain climbing. Among them, there are many who fans of SS501 Park JungMin.

They cheered as Park JungMin appeared, and swarm into the stage set up at the square of GwaCheon National Science Museum. Asking where the fans from, many of them are from Ulsan, Masan, Kimhae, etc, and travelled a long way here. There were even overseas fans from Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

One Park JungMin fan who went to the place taking day offs from her company, expressed her thrill "I’m very happy that I am able to see Park JungMin so close. Even though I travelled long distance, it is so worthwhile. I will support even more on Sports World newspaper in the future."

Park JungMin gave out the giveaways to the fans personally, took a group photo with them, and it feels like a 'fan meeting'. Park JungMin said without losing his smile, "Weather is extremely good, the feeling is even better since I am meeting fans outdoor." Park JungMin finished the mountain climbing and spent an enjoyable time having makgulli (raw rice wine) with the elderly people who came down (from the mountain),etc.

Park JungMin is preparing for his solo album, but has squeezed time from his busy schedules to meet with fans. Even though it was a short meeting, the 'impact'’ was considerable. Indeed, the power of Hallyu star is different.

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