[06/11] Message from the God of Cosmo universe... yes that's Hyun Joong

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Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ........

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection - which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I'm happy, these days ^^ Why, because I'm able to do the things I want, to my hearts' content ...

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kk
At that time, I'll also carve you guys' name on there kk
If I can do that

...If I can't, I'll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk

What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk
Anyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I'm melancholic, I'll appear for once, and I don't even know if I'll give a Christmas present or not ...kk
Keep anticipating, won't be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won't be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT
Don't say bye just because you can't see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren't able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I'll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ........kkkkk

I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we'll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you

Credits to hyun-joong.com + (English translation) wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Aigoo~~^^ My lower back hurts when I woke up. Long time since I had a good sleep...........

The drama ended yesterday ^^ Though it's been four months, hmm I've become attached to it once more

To my surprise, after 4 months together, we have been through thick and thin, feel sad that we have to leave

Yesterday, when I woke up from my sleep, shall I go memorise the chinese song ??????????

Really, being busy, it's not hard and I'm happy these days ^^ I can do what I want.....

until NASA Shuttle travel to Mars and i leave my autograph on it keke At that time, I will sign all your names there keke If I can do it

... If I can't go, I'll leave a will for my flesh & blood (children) in future

I woke up and talked a lot of nonsense kekekeke Anyway are all of you living positively ????????

Once I'm depressed I'll appear, maybe its a christmas present... keke keep anticipating, won't be anything spectacular, and wait abit more.

Right now I'm not showing up on many TVs Oh dear T.T Don't say goodbye if you can't see me

Study, support your your boyfriend and things you were not able to do.

Many albums An awesome album is coming out, do save up your million won....... kekekekeke

I'm going out to play football ~~ from tomorrow

Did you enjoy ????????? 4 months ???????? let's look at the skies and envisage a bigger future together and catch sight of our dreams.

^^ see you

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