Kim Hyun Joong violated his contract for the ‘Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games’

Credits to VITALSIGN@allkpop

Kim Hyun Joong was previously reported to be participating in the opening ceremony for the 16th “Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games“ on November 12th, but it has recently been revealed that he violated his contract terms.

On November 5th, a news report by the Beijing Youth Daily included an interview with Chun Wei, the director for the opening ceremony. He stated, “We’ve been put in an extremely difficult situation due to the disclosure of Kim Hyun Joong participating in the opening ceremony. China has been keeping the names of our own singers under the utmost secrecy, so it’s difficult for us to understand why he went ahead and revealed it.”

He continued, “The point of the ceremony is to reveal who is singing the theme song on the day of the actual ceremony. We’re extremely shocked to hear that news of his participation have already been reported. He even signed the contract agreeing to keep the information a secret. Kim Hyun Joong violated the contract and it’s very unfortunate.”

Yet despite his disappointment, the director went on to express his understanding for the singer. ”The opening ceremony will hold a 100,000 member audience. Since it will also be broadcast live through TV, over a billion people will be watching Kim Hyun Joong. He probably thought of this as an honor and wanted to get it known. I understand his actions and will not ask him to take responsibility for it.”

Why is it that it is his fault? Shouldn't it be the person who leaked the info to the media? From what I read before it was an agency from China that mentioned it. Oh well, the moment Hyun Joong stepped back in Korea after his quick trip in China, whispers of a singing engagement was already abuzz.

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  1. When the news came sprang out it was from a Chinese agency. In fact when he returned all he revealed was he had a craving for some Chinese noodles. Wish the organizers will check the source of the info leak before pointing fingers. I can't see HJL violating such a critical clause in the contract for personal benefit. He has always a man of his word.