[17/08] C.N Blue surpasses Super Junior and SS501 to be the new ‘Hallyu princes’

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No, this place hasn't turned into a kpop site and has completely forgotten about SS501 - two consecutive posts showing other idol bands. I am posting this bit of news out of frustration. Granted C.N. Blue's 'Bluetory' album topped the Taiwan charts on its first week of release and SS501 has dropped down (Kokoro is a very old album), still SS501 clout and popularity is still there. Then have you seen this?

The reason I am frustrated is because, this group SS501 has a popularity that is still high and is one potential or already is a money-making machine and yet they are now a group that is a white elephant with no agency and no future activities to speak off. Indeed, Hyun Joong has signed on with Keyeast and Jung Min with Roy Media, yet still these two are still insinuating that they are still open to join SS501 activities in the future. How come there is no agency brazen enough to take on the challenge of getting this group back on its feet and take on Asia if not the the world?

Oh well, I know no nuts about how the Korean entertainment industry works, so I'd just pout and muddle things over and wait.    

Credits to (photo) Newsen + TVDaily + (English translation) sookyeong.wordpress.com

C.N Blue has risen up as the new Hallyu icon.

C.N Blue is known to have surpassed SS501 to be #1 for Taiwanese G-Music weekly music chart for their 1st week of August (6th~12th August) with ‘Bluetory’. Super Junior and SS501 are at #2 and #3 with ‘Bona Mana’ and ‘Kokoro’

‘Bluetory’ is also doing very well up on Five Music Chart for their same period. A FNC Music representative said, “Being able to go up to the #1 spot and also surpassing popular groups like SS501 and Super Junior, is not only C.N Blue’s wish but also proof that they will be able to achieve possibly better results in the Chinese music market as a Hallyu star to come.”

C.N Blue plans to do tours to 7 cities in the region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand etc.


  1. i become teary as i read ur comment up there!
    i dunno y...
    feel like the boys works in 5 years seems nothing if they about to compete back..
    when?? next year??
    if only i have money..i rather open up a company and sign all of them under me...
    well of cuz...in my dream but still......
    i'm numb...huhuh

  2. 你快d upday個blog啦~我等左好耐啦/_愛死呀ling之fans上 ............................................................

  3. Just continue posting anything about SS501 and their activities...thanks...

  4. I really don't think this report is meaningful, it's obviously released by the CNB's agency. And think that the album of Kokoro was initally released three years ago and I do believe many TS who do love SS501 has tried to purchase it no matter in Japan or Korea or somewhere else. Most of important is SS501 has suspended their activities for two months!!

    It's really ridiculous to say SS501's Hallyu icon has been surpassed or replaced by the sale of just one album without measuring all the influences SS501 has caused!!

  5. I really agree with you. Their potential and poplarity are being put to waste. Just hope that someone will be able to bring them back to the music industry amidst their individual activities. They can go much further than these with proper marketing, management and opportunities. Hope for the best for all of them in their solo activities as well as being five forever as one, if they wish so.

  6. where can i buy the ss501 album online??m fr. canada...i got to know the ss501 group coz of kim hyun joong when he started with the boys over flower drama...omg m so obsessed with them now...cant get enough of them lolz...everyday i listen to all their songs n google them all the time n looking foe news about them....hopefully someday somehow they will comeback as a group and perform again...have heard anything about the reamining 3 memberS???i read at allkpop.com b4 that YS and Kyu are joining a new agency together n baby is joining a different agency..

    anyhow plz keep posting news about them..thanks a lot