[30/04] Kyu Jong's message

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English translation:

Not long left .. !!!!!!

Trembling.. Getting nervous.. Eum Eum..

May 1 day, after 1 year later, 2 years later, 3 years later, 4 years later.. Many years later..

To me, and also to us, it will become memories of a precious day..^^

Right?! ^^

Though I always say thank you, but really thank you .
To a person like me, beginning since the first day when we met, right up until now..

Was really very happy moments..^^ In future too, it will be like that also..

Until forever..^^ heh
Thank you♡

'501day waiting... from Kyul'

I'm shoving another translation of Kyu's message here done by Lois.

Credits to (English translation) loiskr.blogspot.com

[KYU] 1st of May... 2010-04-30 pm 9:26:19

1st of May is near at hand.
I'm trembling & nervous...um..um..
The 1st of May will be remembered as precious time for me & you after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 10 years & several decades. ^^ right?
I always say "Thank you" but I REALLY thank you.
Until now, it's been happy moments for me since the day we met first.^^
And it'll be.
Forever ^^
Thank you ♡

'Waiting for 501 day
from KYUL'

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