SS501 Hallyu Concert Fancam ~ JungMin and YoungSaeng Cut! ENG TRANS

credit:mangos0rbet@YT + english:hiromi@MinMal days

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*the fancam's audio is a little late :)

The scene is from "who's the best who can become good to GF when she's angry."
it's JM's turn n YS is the his GF.LOL

I remember this scene was not only in this vid.
YS was angry coz he can't speak Japanese well.
JM said "it's not my concern!" LOL

YS: You~
JM: Plz call me JungMin.
YS: JungMin~ hmm....
JM: Dun need talk. Look at me.
YS: Wha..what r u doing?
JM: I'm going to sing song now.
YS: er~? Really?
JM: For only YoungSaeng... sing for only YongSaeng.
YS: Wanna listen little.
JM: Wanna listen? Then...

JM singing:
I like YoungSaeng the most in whole world♪
For the first time in life, this feeling♪
Im Here if u feel blue if u r in pain♪
Ur strength...LOL

YS: Feeling good~!
JM: Feeling good~?
YS: Feeling good~!
JM: Ah good! That makes u relax?
YS: Yes~
JM: Then, did u affectied?
YS: Half! I got half~
JM: Got?
YS: Got.
JM: Then, now ur turn.
YS: .....Why?
JM: For get on with each other. Plz sing sumtin, YounSaeng too!
JM: If not, I'll angry!

YS singing:
If I'll become wanna meet u, wanna be me who work hard till the day♪
Blue....(memo: he forgot lylics.LOL)
Na na na~♪

JM: Thank You!

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