SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Gummy's “남자라서” MV

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s has appeared in Gummy’s new mini-album, the title track ’남자라서” (From Men/Because of Men, not sure) music videos.

Starring Kim Hyun Joong and Ryu Won on last April 22, 23, had pushed a two-day all-night forced march finishing shooting of Gummy ‘남자라서’ music video.

Acquired with Gummy in closed and thick friendship, after 2 years to release album, album title track music video of the male character is required Gummy said Kim Hyun Joong appeared willingly after hear about the decision.

Especially even though SS501 have a concert on the 25th in Japan, , Kim Hyun Joong focus on the spread and rolled cable to the last scene to produce a great music video shoot, staff has been impressed.

The music video conducted various places like swimming pool, park, and jewelry shop around the filming, directing their appearance of loving couples Hyun Joong and Ryu Won to captivate the attention.

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