Update on "First Love Story" Fanmeet

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I'm so late in updating this as I'm still trying to console myself when I heard this last Friday. Why I'm so terribly sad about this news? Well, I'm one of those who pre-ordered the DVD and photobook and got the code to join in the fanmeet. Me and my unnies - my Seoul Encore partners - actually have confirmed slots for the afternoon session. Aigoo, with a sad, sad heart I have to make give this opportunity a pass. I can't take leave from work even for that specific weekend alone.

Credits to kim-hyunjoong.com + (English Translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

We have decided to arrange "High Touch Session" with Kim Hyun Joong at the fanmeet on 11th October (for both afternoon and evening session)
- tickets for the evening session are sold out.
- for the afternoon session, entry will start from mid august.

Eh..not really related but just translate this quickly too.
They are recruiting kids model for shooting during the Film set visiting tours.
They need a boy and a girl not over 6yrs old.
I can imagine most of those who joined the tours are frantically sending their kids for audition eh? ^^

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