[01/08] Fan Account (second hand) on Hyung Jun's Bday Event

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Super thanks to dongsaeng Jacintha for the tip off.

Credits to realmj + (English translation) efbji0@Baidu

It’s about Jung Min and Hyung Jun. I was not there…T_T but I read some writings from others.

There were a lot of friedns of HyungJun there. U-kiss and another singers And Also Kyu and Saeng.

At first, Maybe Jun didn’t know that Jung Min is coming or not. Min might said to him, I will not go because of schedule. Then video was played over the screen that Jung Min said sorry I couldn’t go there!

Then Hyung Jun started to cry. Jung Min said “Why I didn’t come here?” after his voice, He came out!
Jun said while crying “Why did you come..?”(like a baby) and they hugged several times. Min was a little embarrassed because jun cried. Min said “Why are you crying?” to Jun, MC said “He has been crying before!”

hh 23:10:01
Then Jung Min tried to make a piece of sandwich. (Ingredients was terrible… and so spicy). To make them, they should wear apron. Red and Blue. Min said “I am father, so I should wear the blue one. And Hyung Jun is mother, you should wear the red one.” And Hyung Jun helped Min to wear the apron. So closely like hug…!!!

I don’t know this order is correct or not… They kissed to the cheeks. TripleS forced(maybe) them to kissed! And Jung Min kissed to Jun’s cheek and said “Before then, He kissed me several times, but after he grown up, He didn’t.” And Jun kissed quickly to Min. They feel shamed a bit. >///////<

I herad.. they were so close and kind to each other. Sweet. So qute…
I really wanna see in my real eyes…

I am not in Korea… though.
If you want to share this to anywhere, It’s OK!

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