Hyun Joong at 3Voices' video

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I've actually seen this video yesterday but wasn't able to finish cause I have another errand to do. Remember last January when wuri Hyun Joong tagged along with his hyung going to to Canada? You really don't see much of Leader here and some of shots actually blurred him, but still you can hear his voice.

If you can't see the video, go here.

Credits to 大黎子爱SS501 @ Baidu + (English translation) jacinthoriya @ twitter

10:35 Hyun Joong and Jaejoong sweeping the snow
11:00 The one sitting beside jaejoong when they having interview in the car is HyunJoong
12:52 HyunJoong filming Jaejoong eating snow
13:40 The one in yellow pants preparing dogsled is HyunJoong
32:30 Yellow pants Joong appeared again = = They were discussing how to dig a hole. After digging, HyunJoong let out a soung
34:28 Jaejoong was fishing, HyunJoong was beside loitering
35:18 Weather too cold, the two of them went to find wood to create fire
40:55 Hyun Joong was in front driving snowmobile
43:30 Two Joong were eating Barbeque
48:40 HyunJoong ran very fast on the snow, and laughed at Jaejoong who fell down
52:21 Jaejoong was in front being interviewed, HyunJoong walked past at the back

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