Kim Hyun Joong for a Charity Concert in Manila???

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I made a post about that rumoured concert of Kim Hyun Joong with BEAST in Manila on the 19th June. I found it rather dubious if you read my post properly. I can't find any posters and mostly the news of this concert is on blog sites, Twitter, Tumblr but nothing from some reputable media agency. Yes, the ticket box office seller (TicketNet) has started getting reservations and I heard, selling tickets. But you really can't simply rely on that - a ticket sold can be returned, a reservation can be cancelled. After clicking and reading I saw that this concert does not only feature Leader and BEAST but two other Filipino groups as well, XLR8 (boyband) and P-Pop Girls (obviously they're girls kekeke).

Somehow this morning, with the stroke of coincidence my TripleS friend in Manila YM me regarding this concert. It was a long chat mainly on whether Hyun Joong is appearing in this concert. I learned that everything regarding this event is not yet final, thus we are both wondering why are they selling the tickets and how come DSP has not mentioned of any schedules for Hyun Joong having such kind of "concert." First and foremost, they only mentioned Kim Hyun Joong and BEAST, when people from the camp of one of these Filipino groups are confirming that Hyun Joong would be appearing in the same concert with them. So everything is getting more confusing. We both are actually afraid that they are using Kim Hyun Joong's name to sell their tickets then when later on may have to announce that he's not going. That would really put Leader in a very bad light. Then my friend dropped the bombed, rumor has it that he's going for a charity event. Okay, I think I can piece the things together. I just need the word from DSP.

Then my unnie BB was actually doing her own checking with DSP. Well, here is what she found out and I am quoting from her. "I contacted DSP today and was told that this ain’t really any special performance or concert by Hyun Joong. He’s just there by invitation to participate in a local charity show or something. Both wuri Hyun Joong and BEAST have been invited, and there will also be two other Filipino singers at this charity show." So Leader is really going for this charity concert and the Korean side has already warned the Philippine promoter to change the concert name as it is misleading.

This concert, I've been told and later saw in some site, is for the benefit of Abiertas House of Friendship. AHF is a non-government organization in the Philippines that provides temporary home for needy women and girls, especially unwed mothers, and protect them from the ravages of all forms of immoralities. It is for a very good cause.

Now, overseas fans, who might be interested to fly over to Manila, be forewarned - I've got some TS from the Philippines asking me to post this - this charity concert is totally different from your initial pre-notion of a Kim Hyun Joong or a BEAST concert. It's more like a Dream Concert where artists sing a song or two and some celebrities just even appear on stage and that's it. Don't get your hopes up. Granted that the four named artists are to sing 2 songs each, that's a short concert for such amount of moolah - oh, it's for charity! My friend and I agreed that there may be more lesser known artists coming to this event. Yes, my friend has bought her tickets for the concert, not the VIP though. Well, I told her she has seen Leader up close in a Persona concert anyway. She just prayed that she'd be able to survive through XLR8 and P-Pop Girls. Well, as for me, I would rather go to the UKiss concert with Hyung Jun that this. And, oh we also talked about some promo plane ticket from Manila going to Seoul is way cheaper than the VIP tickets for this concert.

Okay, I'm out. Peace. I hope this helps in your decision on whether to chase Leader or not. And wait for the final announcement from DSP - you know they could change their mind. ^.~


  1. What if he's at the concert, and there is no TripleS there to support him. That would be really sad. There're already lots of fans back out after this.
    Well, since there's no confirmation from DSP. It's would be hard to tell. What if he's going with other agency. He's been known for helping, performing with other entertainment companies many time before without the bonding of contract. Anyway, i hope he'll get all the attention he's deserved to have when he's there.

  2. I think we should support leader. As a fan, we should not think of how much exposure he'll get.. but honestly, i'm also doubtful about this. But thinking all the hardwork that leader gave now that he's injured just gave me a motvation to watch this concert. I already bought vip ticket for this. to support leader. and also I will watch maknae in ukiss's concert too..

  3. I agree with beatricewakiyama. I bought a VIP ticket for this event and I don't care anymore how long or short leader's exposure will be. I don't care anymore if it's really not worth my money. I'll be there to support him 501% no matter what!

  4. Here is my concern too...As a tsPH,i am very delighted to hear that LEader will come in the for a concert..AS an avid fan,would I mind if I only see him for 2 songs??NO...definitely...!Pls dont take this comment as something against you..But I really hope you stop discouraging other TRipleS to come and see the concert...What if,no one comes to see the concert?What do you think would Leader will feel?We are trying to be very patient in everything that is happening in TSPh's schedule right now..BABy and Leader in one week..In two separate events..So please...Do us a favor...Thank you..

  5. Okay, thanks for telling us it's not really a "concert" but I doubt it would change the minds of others. There are over a lot of Triple S Filipinos who have not yet seen Leader up close and personal. Concert or no concert I bet they would still go. (Like me) I've been waiting for four years so concert or no concert, as long as Leader's presence is there I will surely go. Yes I'd probably waste my money on this but if I didn't go there would be a high possibility that it will take eternity for them to return. Like my mom, when Michael Jackson came to the Philippines she was glad she saw him right before he passed away. Ok, that has nothing to do with it but you get what I'm saying. And it's for charity, if we are wasting our money technically we are not. We are practically giving it away to charity in exchange for even such a small event. I would rather waste my money over just staring at leader if I know it will help out people. (But either even if it didn't I still would waste my money, crazy? I know...) Overseas fans, it really depends what kind of overseas fans. If they are from Japan or Korea or the usual places SS501 has concerts in or events then I guess they shouldn't take the trouble to fly over because they'll eventually see Leader with the whole group. But for overseas fan such as in European countries and America, well, that's their choice. There's also a high possibility that SS501 might not visit their countries, so if they really are die hard fans they'd take the trouble of going here just to catch a glimpse of Leader. And I honestly don't blame them. I'm going to both concerts with my own money (I went through dead spots for it.) So yeah. Both concerts are practically worth it for me. But this is just my side, if you wouldn't see leader i honestly cannot do anything about it. Cause, well its your choice and not mine so I have no right to force you. Yes you are only trying to warn everybody that it isn't a concert and that they might be wasting their money but you are bringing down the faiths of those Triple S fans who have been waiting for this for years. But since its your post you have all the right reasons to post it. But what I'm just saying is that this will still not change the minds of die hard fans. Maybe to others they will but to DIE HARD FANS it wouldn't. You claim yourself as a die hard fan yet I don't see that. I'm not trying to be rude but it's my perspective/view.

    Thanks for sharing this anyway!

    PEACE ^.^v

  6. I do agree with all other comments posted here. I've been praying and wanting for this event to happen. Even though this is not as much as Persona, but then again this is Kim Hyun Joong that we are talking about.The leader of SS501 that is willing to help other people by all means. I don't want to disappoint him on that day, seeing there is no fans to support him on that charity concert. I know that some might criticize this event, but I still believe that if I wanted to support the whole group,if I wanted to support Kim Hyun Joong, if I am a true Triple S, I will do whatever it takes to let him feel that we do support him all the way.
    He is working very hard to make sure that we will not be disappointed. Even if he went through an accident, (actually he had several accidents prior to the recent one), he manages to be professional and doesn't want the fans to see the pain he feels. And for that reason, I wanted to return the favor. Five songs, no song, or one song only for this event, (501 kekeke)I will definitely watch it! SS501 fighting! Kim Hyun Joong fighting!

    ~namjachingu_khj ^^

  7. I'll definitely go & watch this event. It does not matter if it's 1, 2 or no songs at all. I will be there just to support leader. I spent a lot of money just to satisfy my fan girling so I don't mind if I spend a little bit more. Imagine seeing Kim Hyun Joong once again & at the same time aiding a charity is not bad. It's a social consciousness that everybody should participate while satisfying your fan girling. Anyway for me a true Triple S give out all their support whether it is a small or big projects of any SS501 members.

  8. for me,what im sad about is that im reading a discouraging article from a huge ss501 as you say you are..why not try to help boost the morale of ts fans here in the philippines and ask support from ts fans around asia.we would like ss501 to know they have fans here ,too..spread hope and love..

  9. So sorry for fans from the Philippines if I had irked quite a bit with my comments. I am not actually against fans going to this charity event. If you read clearly, I am just warning overseas fans, those who spend lots a moolahs just to attend his concerts and such. This is because at the time when I made this post, there's really, really no official word from DSP. I just don't want to happen again what went wrong at that supposed to be end of year concert in Shenzhen. Fans booked tickets and hotel accommodations to be able to catch them and then come concert night, they waited and waited for them to appear 'til the concert finished. As for Filipinos right there in Manila, all you have to think about is the cost of the concert tickets but these overseas fans have to consider additional expenses.

    I know you have been waiting for this event for such a long time and by all means, please do support him when he is there. If it was really a concert of Hyun Joong and fully confirmed by DSP, I'd fly over in a heartbeat. When the news of SS501 having a fanmeet on July in Manila, I actually plan to go there with some friends in tow. This concert is such a short notice and riddled with uncertainty when it came so a lot of overseas fans wants a direct confirmation whether it is a go or no go, you simply can't blindly book airline tickets and make hotel reservations right?

    Yes! I'm a huge fan but I don't blindly, anyhow follow them everywhere. Support them whenever you can, wherever you can and if you can truly afford it. Here's something to thing about: if he comes to your country and you can afford to pay for the tickets, go! If they come to a neighboring country and you can afford it, go! If they have a concert in Seoul and you can afford it, go! But please do everything in moderation. I don't want to hear a sad story from a fan who's been chasing them everywhere.

  10. oh yeah you have your point there..^^, but we from the philippines were just dissapointed to read your post saying such things..=((
    you said that you wrote this back when there is no confirmation yet? Leader already has a promotional video for this maybe you have to post something about this again saying it's already confirmed???..*sigh, but seriously, you don't have to say these kind of things, coz' it's really a discouraging posts wherever side you read it.... and I think these fans who are willing to fly anywhere just for our boys are big enough for this kind of decisions, they don't need someone to look for them... the reason why we reacted this way coz' we know you have a lot of readers, and we're worried that no one will watch leader anymore..=((

  11. @cheezeemelt I replied to your comment on the other post and you'll see why I made this post. :D

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