Fan Account of 'Love Ya' MV's filming

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Have you seen the full MV? Not yet? How could you? Okay, go here. I know this is a bit old, but I decided to post this once the full MV came out. 

Credits (in Chinese): 噗•请叫我太君@baidu, ss501吧/ + (English translation)

First part omitted

Just as we entered the (filming) site, (we saw that) there was no one there, it was empty and we’d actually thought that they’d left already.
Who’d know (that) they were actually touching up their makeup.
So very handsome.

Mal had a very tired look; and Young Saeng was at the side looking into a mirror and adjusting his hair. Leader’s hairstyle, let's forget it, I'm incapable of accepting it. Kyu Jong was doing his makeup; Hyung Jun seemed to be in the midst of changing his clothes.

They listened and went through the song once. Leader’s injuries were a problem; there were many NGs and it was always he who (caused the) NG, it looked very hard on him.
But he still persevered and continued to film; after filming, he’d sit off to one side bearing with his pain.
I was only watching from the sides; the dance looked good, it’s well worth the anticipation. The cameraman was very sympathetic/considerate, they'd take a break and rest whenever Leader couldn’t handle it, and they’d continue filming afterwards. But he (Leader) still seemed unable to bear with it. Furthermore after completing this (the filming), he still had to rush to some other event, which I don’t know (about).

Ouch.................... looking at him in pain.

But the children’s (i.e. the boys’) looks in front of the camera were super serious. But Mal caused some bloopers by laughing, I despise him a little.

The staffs who were looking on from the sides praised them by saying ‘Very Good’.
I exclaim ah…
I worship/adore (them) ah …
Ah……………… it’s been hard on you.
Heard that Hyung Jun became thinner again, (his) weight is 121 (pounds)
Young Saeng too became a lot thinner; don’t know if he’s on a diet.
Our Young Saeng ah, that little face was also diligent during the filming of the MV.

*sound of clicking one’s tongue*
Hope that this time (i.e. the comeback) will really be the return of the king.
Long live SS501!

p.s. Taking of photographs was not allowed, we could also only watch them from afar, (but) we managed to drink the same water …

Last part omitted

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