Kim Hyun Joong going to Manila???

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Is this for real? DSP hasn't confirmed this schedule anyway. I pity TripleSPH if they want to see Maknae and Leader, they have to pay for two concerts! What's next? Jung Min with Rainbow, Kyu Jong with 2PM and Young Saeng with Big Bang... okay Im being sarcastic. 19th falls on a Saturday, does that mean that SS501 won't be appearing in the musical shows that weekend?

I guess overseas appearances of the group is out of the question as the group's contract haven't been renewed yet. But wait they're appearing at the KBS concert in ShenYang on 06 Jul. Curious... curious indeed.

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Kim Hyun Joong also known as 'Yoon Ji Hoo' of the hit series in Korea,Philippines and all over Asia 'Boys Over Flowers' will be coming having concert in Manila together with Korean Band 'Beast' on June 19, 2010. Kim Hyun Joong is the Leader of the Korean's popoular group 'SS501' pronounced by 'Double S 5 O(not zero) 1.
SS501 is not only popular in Korea but in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong kong as well.

Hyun Joong is one of the most popular male artist now in Korea (Hallyu star).
Kim Hyun Joong is known in the Phillipines as the Knight in Shining Armor 'Jihoo' of Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) in 'Boys Over Flowers' currently showing in Studio 23 everyday at 6:30 pm.
However, another SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon (don't be confuse with their names) is also coming here on June 14 as a special guest on Ukiss's 1st concert in Manila. Kim Hyung Joon is the older brother of Ukiss's member Kim Ki Bum (Marumir).
Triple S Philippines (SS501's fanbase in the Phil.) and Kiss me ( Ukiss's fanbase in the Phil.) are currently helping and joining hands together for this concert.

Beast is one of the upcoming and shining group in Korea. Beast's fanbase in the Philippines is rapidly growing as it's song 'Shock' is making noise.
Catch these two popular artists collaborate in one night in Araneta Coliseum on June 19,2010 at 8:00PM.

Tickets now are available at Ticketnet. Reservations are now open:


  1. what? why Beast? out of all the bands going to Phillipines? he couldve gone with u kiss too, lol
    but WHY BEAST??
    i hate to ask this, but has JYP scooped leader? NOOOOOO bad sign...really bad sign.
    i hope they would meet up while in Phillipines
    Baby and leader Fighting

  2. I think this has nothing to do with the management thingy... and beast is under cube management if i'm not mistaken.^^,
    We from Triple S Phil have no idea why of all bands out there the producers chose beast. The producers here have no idea at all about kpop kekekeke.. beast and leader has no any connections or whatsoever!! sometimes, we just laughed at this kekeke...but we'll still gonna support leader and Maknae ofcourse!! we just don't know how and where to get money! kekeke