Fan Sign Account @ Busan+Daegu

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29th Finally D-DAY
After continuously working for 2 days, I think I already could climb to KTX… I was lucky that I managed to reach Busan at the scheduled time.
There’s already a tent set up and they are playing the boys new songs and at this moment, all my tiredness was gone. Starting to get excited…

The fan signing session started 40~50 mins late and all the TS were sitting accordingly to the color wristband under the sun.
Getting irritated and jittery after tanning under the sun for around 2 hours but all these were gone the moment the vehicle “3254” came in, the boys had finally come!!!

It started to be chaotic, he moment the boys appeared! Can’t hear what the boys were saying at all ⊙﹏⊙。。。
Hyun Joong was in casual wear, plain short sleeved shirt, a few simple accessories on his wrist, a refreshing look! (Sorry about the other boys, I only looked at Hyun Joong)..
After a few simple greetings, the boys started the signing session~~
Hyun Joong looks like he have drawn the same colored paper as my wristband and I was going to get excited. End up, it was only “looks like”, mine was Young Saeng’s… It’s nice to get Young Saeng’s autograph but my true one is Hyun Joong ar…Just when I was worried to death..I risked my life and communicate with the Japanese ahjuma on my right in Hyun Joong’s area using hand signs—_—+ I was in the verge of tears and ahjuma was already crying… so ——10 secs later, we succeeded! We exchanged our color wristband. Oh yeah!

At around 2:50pm, the fan sign session finally started. Each of the boys had a security guard by their side. They kept urge the fans, pull the fans, drag the fans.. —_—..When it was the turn for the ahjuma in front of me, I just stood there staring at him quietly.
Hyun Joong’s dressing looked simple and sophiscated!~~ the black pin was nicely pinned at his ear side, his face looked graceful and he’s so near and just right in front of me!!!..... Suddenly I felt nervous!! Probably because I had waited so long and had a little heatstroke and on top of that I hadn’t slept for 2 days, my mind actually went blank and in a daze. So thereafter… I have no idea what I was talking about(please don’t scold me, I wanna hit myself too…)

Finally, it was my turn and the security took the album from my hands and passed to Hyun Joong… He did not looked up and while he was preparing to sign he asked softly,

“May I know what’s your name? 이름이 어떻게 되요?”

“Ahh~~~nervous~~~ 아~~~~~떨려요~~~”

Hyun Joong stopped signing suddenly and looked up, smiled and asked
“Why are you nervous? keke 왜 떨리는데요?ㅋㅋ”

“Really Oppa…So near… face so small!!! 진짜 오빠네… 이렇게 가까이…얼굴이 완전 작으세요!!”

—_—+..I have no idea why I blurted this out。。

“Thank you” and while smiling, he started signing 고마워요ㅋㅋ

“Ahh~~I’m from China, this is my name~~ 저는 중국사람인데요.이름이 여기”

I passed him the paper with my name written in Chinese and Korean wording,
“Just write in Korean is fine too. 그냥 한글로 적어주셔도 되요.”

I’ll try. 내가 해볼게요”
Suddenly Hyun Joong looked like as if he is taking an exam, writing very seriously~~

I didn’t want him to be pressurized, so I told him,
“Don’t have to write the surname, just the name will do. 그럼 그냥 이름로 적어 주세요”

I didn’t expect our 4D Hyun Joong replied,
”But I wrote the nicest for that word. kekeke 난 그거 제일 잘하는데ㅋㅋㅋ”

Such a cute, wonderful Hyun Joong… I almost went crazy in bliss!!!

Because at Busan they do not allow to write PS, I didn’t want to make him feel difficult, so I didn’t have any other request. I only said,
“I’m from Daegu and I will return immediately. I see you later. 전 대구에서 왔어요.지금 빨리 가서 저녁에또

After that ---------------------------Hyun Joong probably thought that I want to high five or shake hands, so he stretched out his hands automatically… Oh god!! Is this really happening? My right hand touched his hand and locked together….my tears immediately burst out.

Hyun Joong continued smiled and said,
”Don’t cry ah…. See you later 울지마요 이따 봐요”

I replied, “ok ok, see you…later..definitely!! 이따…봐요…꼭!!”。。。

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